(relation: domain drug, range date)

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This predicate represents the relationship between a pharmaceutical substance and the date when it is expected to be approved for legal marketing. For our purposes, the date will typically correspond to a date for FDA approval, but the relationship itself is not restricted to approval for sale in the United States.
instance iteration date learned confidence
atomexetine, n2002111612-sep-2018(Seed) 100.0
avastin, thursday111612-sep-2018(Seed) 100.0
cialis, n2002111612-sep-2018(Seed) 100.0
duloxetine, n2002111612-sep-2018(Seed) 100.0
forteo, n2002111612-sep-2018(Seed) 100.0
generic_versions_of_tiazac, n2002111612-sep-2018(Seed) 100.0
medication, earlier_in_the_year111612-sep-2018(Seed) 100.0
nicoderm_cq_patch, august111612-sep-2018(Seed) 100.0
nicorette_gum, earlier_in_the_year111612-sep-2018(Seed) 100.0
nicotrol_patch, july111612-sep-2018(Seed) 100.0
zoloft, later_this_year111612-sep-2018(Seed) 100.0